Sunday Reads…

Surrealism has entered the language as a synonym for almost anything that seems odd, uncanny, or freaky. For some, the very word connotes a profane, or carnivalesque, lifting of the lid on hidden, even repressed, thoughts and feelings. But initially this art was romantic and revolutionary in its goals.”

3-D printing gone wild: smart technology in really dumb hands

Reality-check on booze, the great “non-drug” of our times


Political Economy

Germany’s Euro-land conundrum: maintaining a trade-surplus while liquidating one’s main customers proves rather difficult…

Debating China’s rise: a review of the recent literature 

As the Chinese economy proves to be resting on increasingly shaky ground, renowned China-watcher Michael Pettis lays out some of the challenges facing the Communist Party leadership over the next few years… A strong case against what seems to be the consensus view that China will overtake the US as the world’s largest economy by 2020.


Middle East

A welcome takedown of the carefully crafted, rather shiny international image of King Abdullah of Jordan. The “brand Abdullah has been marketing on the world stage since he came to the throne in 1999” doesn’t even begin to stand up to scrutiny.

A trip to the front lines of Syria’s civil war

Iraq, $60 billion later. An epic waste trail.

Just what is the Egyptian Muslim brotherhood? It seems even they dont know. If anything, the Egyptian revolution has thrust the movement’s shocking incompetence into the limelight.



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