Sunday Reads…

music messing with the mind…

Hunter S. Thompson ain’t got nothin’ on Oliver….


Political Economy

How are the Greeks doing? What might their current state of affairs tell us about the likely outcomes of Troika ponzi-austerity for the rest of the southern European periphery?

The battle between the dollar and the RMB for supremacy as global reserve currency is picking up pace… or is it? (For a selection of articles on topic, click here)

John Kay on a defining characteristic of our age: “The monumental folly of rent-seeking”


Middle East

the latest chapter of Egypt’s open-ended revolution:

Hamid Dabashi discusses president Morsi’s power grab… and Nathan Brown adds his two cents on the matter

the media, Gaza and the problems inherent in covering such an unbalanced conflict…

How has Oman fared since the 2011 Arab revolutions? Marc Valeri takes a closer look…




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